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Can inspection pump - Artikel-No.: 101343

The can inspection pump is used for leak testing of seamed, empty cans. It is suitable for all common types of cans.

Functioning / Operation

  • Stab a hole in the bottom of an empty, seamed can
  • Screw the can inspection pump mandrel and tighten (Caution: Do not overtighten!)
  • With the can inspection pump inflate until the achieved pressure of 1.5 bar is displayed on the scale
  • Immerse the seamed surface in water

If the can is leaking, air bubbles are formed at the seam.

Maintenance & Care

The equipment is maintenance-free. After use, the device should be cleaned with a clean cloth and dried. Please note that petrol or strong cleaning agents should not be used under any circumstances. Do not leave the pump in steam.


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