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Product compressor | Widening station

Product compressor: The product compressor is used for compressing or forcing in the protruding products.

Widening station: The widening station is used for expanding composite cans (cardboard-wound containers). It flares the rim (can edge) to enable placing the lid better in the centre.

Fits the can seaming machines STA 2000 | STA 2000 G | STA 3000 | STA 3000 G

For can height 70 to 300 mm

Consisting of:

  • Mounting console
  • Infinitely adjustable linear unit
  • Pneumatic cylinder with mounting flange
  • Pressure regulator
  • End position monitor

Functioning / Operation

The product compressor or widening station is switched on or off by the PLC and can be time controlled. Required parameters can be changed directly on the display.

The product compressor or widening station is manually adjustable in height by means of adjusting spindle. The compression or injection pressure, including the speed for moving in and out is set individually. The punch can be changed easily and without complications for different can diameters.

Subject to technical modifications. The images can differ from the described type of machine.


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