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Can inspection device DPG1 - Artikel-No.: 101605

For easy control and quality assurance of the closures of composite cans. The force is determined or set which is required for separating the tinplate base from the can body.

Suitable for:

Can sizes – round cans:

  • Diameter: ø50mm - ø160mm
  • Height: 50mm - 250mm

Can sizes – rectangular cans:

  • Length / Width: 30mm - 140mm
  • Height: 50mm - unlimited

NOTE: For testing rectangular cans an optionally available support bar is required.


Testing round cans:

  • Set the switch at the "UP" position to drive the cylinder into basic position.
  • Place the opened empty can in the support bracket against the stop.
  • Set the slider with the pneumatic cylinder so that the rubber buffer is approx. 15 mm above the can body.
  • Read the desired pressure in the table and set using the pressure regulator. To change the pressure, the pressure regulator must be unlocked by pulling it out.
  • Set the selector to "DOWN" and watch the pressure gauge at which pressure level the base can be separated from the can body.
  • You can now refer in the table, how much force is required to separate the base.
  • Set the selector again at the "UP" position to drive the cylinder into basic position.

Testing non-round cans:

  • Place the support plate with the offset side against the stop.
  • Now non-round cans can be tested in the same manner as round cans.


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